Yoga the Core of Health

Self Health Care for Body, Mind and Heart

Only you can develop your hidden potential for optimum health and well being. This experiential curriculum will help you do that by training you to:

  • Clarify your intentions for powerful, good health
  • Release negative emotions and transform limiting beliefs
  • Build a strong foundation of core strength for a lifetime of radiant wellness
  • Increase peaceful, core energy to calm your mind and gain a fresh perspective
  • Take home a practical plan that will support you to live a peaceful, productive way of life

Learn a core based, introductory series of body-mind-energy practices to begin developing a lifetime of healthy fulfillment and positive well-being to benefit yourself and those you love. .

Session #1: Body and Breathing

Learn how to:
    awaken body attention,
    increase flexibility,
    develop inner core strength,
    expand it to every part of your body


chronic pain,
core weakness,
joint stiffness,


core yoga,
total joint mobilization,
full body breathing,
deep relaxation,
body-breath coordination,
awareness sequencing

Session #2: Mind and Mindfulness

Learn how to calm, stabilize and train your mind to provide you with alert, intelligent, concentrated attention


  • dullness,
  • unclarity,
  • confusion,
  • forgetfulness,
  • restless sleep,
  • scattered attention,
  • circular thinking,
  • unproductive mental states,


  • Body and breath,
  • principles and practices of mindfulness,
  • clear mind training,
  • walking, sitting and moving meditation.

Session #3: Energy and Emotions
Learn how to ride the wave of your emotions to release bound up anxiety and stress, replenish and rebalance your energy.

    dark moods,
    limiting emotions
    destructive self-centered attitudes
    energetic breathing practices,
    guided imagery,
    healing affirmations
    loving kindness and compassion techniques,
    body based stress release techniques

Session #4: A Wellness Way of Life

Learn how to: integrate the learning and techniques of the first three sessions into a way of life that you can authentically live and continually update

Transform: outmoded, habitual, self-centered patterns into expansive ways of awakening your mind and heart to benefit others as well as your self

     an experiential review of the first three sessions,
     an active series of process to evaluate, motivate and integrate what works for you,
     choosing and developing your most effective wellness plan

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