Welcome to Inner Sky Yoga

Rooted in both the timeless tradition of Yoga and the joyful wisdom trainings of Tibetan Buddhism, the Inner Sky methodology is a fresh synthesis of these two ancient systems. The heart of this material is the determination to be free through learning to live a wise, healthy, vigorous, lively, warm hearted and happy way of life. Arising from this determination, my core intention is to present a way of practice that embraces body, heart/mind and energy techniques to embody this aspiration. As this determination naturally matures, it also expands to radiate warmth and wisdom to our family, friends, neighborhood, communities, environment and the entire web of life in which we live. Choosing to live this way, we can successfully build a future that we want our children, grandchildren and succeeding generations to enjoy.

I am happy to share with you what I have been gifted to receive from transformational teachers, wisdom teachings and my own efforts. My wish for you is reflected in the inspirational Irish song:

       May the long time sun shine upon you
       All love surround you
       And the clear light within you
       Guide your way home

Oceans of Love,  
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