Integrating the Body, Breath and Mind Techniques of Yoga

The uncomfortable experience of our fellow human beings suffering from physical pain is probably as old as the evolution of the human body. Therefore it’s not too surprising that Yoga, a 5,000 year old system of personal well being, has an abundant array of techniques to develop and maintain a healthy, pain free body.

Investigate the wide range of yogic techniques and you will find an astonishing variety of simple, safe, effective methodologies that reduce pain, increase joint mobility, build core strength, expand easy range of motion, and develop muscular elasticity.
For myself, whenever I strain my back or a chronic ache reappears, I go to the mat and apply a combination of yogic breathing, stretching and strengthening techniques. Always there is some measure of immediate relief, and often the stiffness and soreness is reduced to an unnoticeable level. It may linger for a day or two, but even then most of the limitation in normal movement is alleviated.

Each of the practices I present here - while safe, simple and strain-free - require relaxed concentration and regular commitment in order to be effective. They are not magical mystery tours or miraculous inventions. However, Yoga – when practiced in a systematic, lighthearted way - is an extremely effective injury prevention and pain response strategy.

Observing my students and myself, I often see that yoga, properly practiced, reduces the incidence of back injuries, decreases pain and accelerates the healing process. I have heard plenty of testimonials attesting to Yoga’s efficacy in reducing chronic pain, rebuilding core strength after a long weakness, and remobilizing stiff muscles after a sudden tweak. Not a quick cure or a quack remedy, these down to earth techniques are more like new friends that you get to know better and use more skillfully as you make them a regular part of your daily life.