Through the Seven Core Movements of the Spine

While our spine is capable of an amazing range of complex movements, they can all be traced back to simple planar movements – referred to as the seven core movements of the spine. Alone, or in various combinations, they are the basis for all possible movements your spine can make. These seven core movements are:

1 & 2 Flexion & Extension (forward & back bending)
3 & 4 Rotation left & right
5 & 6 Lateral left & right
7 Lengthening

When we learn how to develop and use these seven core movements, we have access to a powerful set of tools that will keep our spines stable and fluid for many, many years. These techniques enable us to easily respond to the changing needs of our bodies, situations and circumstances in which we live every day.

As we learn how to genbtly mobilize, stabilize, lengthen and strengthen the spinal structure, we grow more successful and confident in knowing and maintaining our own health and well-being.

Joint mobility.
As we age we must mobilize the joints - that is, warm up the synovial fluids in the joints - if we are to have ease of movement and maximum range of motion.

Joint mobility is also crucial for the healthy functioning of the “axis of intelligence” in the body – the spinal cord and its attendant nervous system. Yogis have known and responded to this need with a variety of practices, a few of which are presented here. Utilized daily, they are powerful allies for strengthening, lengthening, mobilizing and stabilizing your back and spine.

METHOD: You will learn a system of techniques that place your body in safe, stable alignment, then take it through the seven core movement of the spine to stimulate, open and strengthen your entire back. Each technique is divided into two main stages – stretching and strengthening - augmented by complimentary techniques.

Breathing establishes the platform for all the practices to follow. Full body respiration, coordinated with positions and movements gives reliable awareness and deep relaxation.

to open the breathing, expand the body, lengthen the muscles, release core holding and relax the nervous system.

Strengthening to develop the core strength and stability in each key position enabling us to maintain spaciousness and mobility throughout the day.

Integration A brief pause in the action during which you sense what is happening inside as a result of the practice. Without this, the practice stays at the level of movement therapy or simple exercise.

Relaxation Timeless time to place your body and mind in neutral, allowing the changes to settle into the cells.

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