The Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita

Explore the core relationship of your individual soul with universal spirit through the intellectual yet emotionally moving instrument of two revered yogic scriptures: the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Realized by enlightened masters, and revered by students for centuries, the spiritual insights conveyed in these inspired writings serve as clear mirrors of our consciousness, accurately reflecting subtle yet powerful truths about the spiritual path - from the beginning, through the middle stages, and to the end.

When our hearts are touched by wise, deeply felt teachings, our understanding of life is illuminated. As a result, we can experientially connect-the-dots in our lives, and more clearly grasp the real truths of the journey we are on. With a more penetrating vision of the true nature of reality we are more able to recognize and choose what nurtures and sustains us on the path. This leads to a happier more creative and fulfilling existence, one that is of service to others while bringing us the greatest joy. The seminar also includes asana, relaxation, meditation,
journaling and dialogue.

Our topics will include

Dharma - our life's purpose;
Pravritti and nivritti - the two core directions in life;
Duhkha - the misery of the dark night of the soul;
Vishada - the role of sorrow in awakening;
Viidya - the wisdom of the Self;
Buddhi yoga - the wisdom of intuition;
Atman - the soul of the Self;
Koshas - the layers of the Self;
Karma yoga - the way of compassionate action;
Bhakti - devotion to the One in all;
Vairagya - renunciation of attachments; and
Maya - the worldly realm of illusion.

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