The Four Root Practices of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting

Yoga is rooted in a methodology of sacred practices that, when sincerely engaged with, can carry us through our body and beyond our habitual mind, back into our spiritual core.

When asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting are woven together, they generate a powerful path of energy that can awaken our core of pure awareness. Resting in spaciousness, infused with kindness, alert with compassion and rooted in deep silence this inner awareness breathes in and out with natural intelligence and compassion - better termed intuition - illuminating our deepest truths and our darkest shadows.

Realizing this core of truth is the aim of all practice. Once illuminated by our true nature, we naturally rest in a state of profoundly wise, open stillness, and touch a deep yearning to bring others into place of natural respose - free of suffering and enjoying awakened, compassionate energy.

Empowered by the energy of life and dedicated to the four immeasureables: loving kindess, compassion,
joy and equanimity we can:

  • Enliven parts of our spirit that have been repressed,
  • Enlighten our thinking to release self-negating misperceptions
  • Enter our darkest shadows with courage, compassion, and kindness
  • Release inadequate belief patterns that no longer serve us
  • Guide us into the joyful and forgiving presence of our innocence and wonder
  • Learn to trust, once again, our intuitive, felt sense of life
  • Explore the deeply felt wisdom of open awareness
  • Reunite with our inner freedom,
  • Listen to, and apply the intelligent silence that is wordless and wise

In this space of intelligent awareness, asana movements and pranayama breath flow together as an intuitive practice. Clearing away contractions and clinging, this methodology moves openness, energy, strength and awareness from the core of the body to the extremities.

When core awareness is emphasized throughout the practice - from detailed, anatomical cues pointing out origin of movement, structure, alignment and safety to the inclusion of key feelings, sensations, insights, and awakenings - the practice grows beyond healthy bio-mechanics and into the transformational realm of wisdom heart resting in a core of kindness and compassion

When meditation and chanting are woven through the sessions and into the asana positions, practitioners develop a refined attention that pulls awareness deeper into the sensate body. The awareness we rest in throught all the practices is of course the very awareness we are searching for. The use of body, mind, energy and heart to come together for the purpose of awakening our core awareness provides a broad paltform of experience from which we can attune and find a way in to the direct experience of natural open awareness.