Awakened Energy of Yoga and Awakened Mind of Buddhism

Genuine spiritual masters understand that our highest spiritual evolution is grounded in creating a more beneficial way of life for ourselves and all other beings. Learning how to use our own body, heart and mind as a vehicle for this is at the core of all yoga and Buddhist practice.

Both of these traditions have detailed maps of how to awaken this untapped potential to create greater happiness in ourselves and our world. Our weekend study will include selected teachings, practices and trainings from masters of the Kundalini tradition of Hatha Yoga, and the Bodhichitta tradition of Tibetan Buddhist masters.

In this training you will learn how to

  • Identify the unique characteristics of each chakra and how they affect your life
  • Practice asana and breath control patterns to open, strengthen & balance each chakra
  • Explore the sounds, colors, energy & symbols associated with each chakra
  • Release limitations and negativity that block your flow of energy at each chakra
  • Learn practical techniques to integrate each chakra into your yoga practice
  • Expand contracted energy into expansive loving kindness
  • Realign your energy chakra by chakra.
  • Transform habitual awareness into a heart-mind awakening,

The pranayamas we will use in this study include:

* Nadi Shodhana - purifying breath
* Kapalabhati - skull shining breath
* Suryabheda and Chandrabheda - sun and moon breath
* Seetkari and Sheetali - cooling breaths
* Bhastrika - breath of fire
* Bhramari - humming bee breath;
* Anuloma Viloma - alternate nostril with kumbhak

Also included will be:
* Kumbhak - internal and external breath retention
* Bhandas or seals:
     mula bandha - root seal
     uddiyana bandha - abdominal seal
     jalandhara bandha - throat seal.
* Madhya - the gap between breaths

Guided meditations on the chakras will include:
* orientation to the chakras
* use of bija mantras - the awakening sounds
* color visualizations
* simple asanas that enhance contact with the chakras
* the five pranas - the life energies in the body
* the nadis - the web of subtle energy conduits
* the chakras - the stages of energy evolution

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