Pain Free Back

Learn A Daily Routine For Reliable Back Care

If Back Pain
   Prevents you from doing what you want
   Keeps you sleepless, restless and dependant on medication
   Undermines your motivation, inspiration and well being

This training will help you
• If your back is chronically stiff, hurts or spasms as you move through your day

• If back pain prevents you from having a good night’s sleep

• If you want to minimize the need for medication, surgery or expensive therapies

This training will give you a systematic aproach
• If you are looking for other options to consider before surgery

• If you don’t want to have to always rely on pain medication

• If you want to augment the treatment of your medical professionals

This training can be part of your daily life
• If you want to understand the basic anatomy of your back

• If you want teachings and techniques to support you in your back-health process

• If you want to be more self reliant with your own back care

Learn a series of  safe, simple, easy home practices that give comfort, satbility, mobility and confidence including:

  • Whole body breathing
  • Deep core stretches
  • Comfortable core strengthening
  • Seven core spinal movements
  • Reliable muscle & joint warm-ups
  • Deep, down to earth relaxation
  • Guided affirmation
  • Constructive mental imagery