East Meets East. Many of us have experienced yoga as an extraordinary practice for awakening physical strength, balance and flexibility. We also enjoy the peaceful, calming side effects and radiant energy.  By integrating Buddhist meditation and mental training with the physical, energetic and awareness practices of Yoga, we can more consistently cultivate a flexible, steady mind, calm emotions, grounded wisdom, vibrant health and strength of heart.

At the core of Inner Sky Yoga are principles and practices expand the yogic experience of vibrant, radiant health and body-mind awareness into more joyful wisdom, emotional clarity and kind hearted compassion towards self and others - the natural, next level of awakening.

Whether sitting in a lifeguard chair, in the midst of traffic, in a business meeting, on a yoga mat, or a meditation cushion the integrated practice of Inner and Outer Yoga brings awareness, emotional peace and warm hearted presence to our lives and the lives of others.

This combined practice also awakens mental clarity, relaxed concentration, emotional well being, spacious joy, wider compassion, increased humor, and a lighter heart.

Within a core of open spacious awareness, rests a clear inner sense of being grounded in deep, peaceful strength. This anchors the mind in a most peaceful and alert way effortlessly supporting easy repose and calm abiding attention.

Enhanced by intuitive movements and spontaneous insight, this blending of East meets East awakens a powerful new experience of natural, down to earth joy.