Inner Sky Yoga. Like the calm eye of the hurricane, the still center of this precise, intuitive bodymind methodology is an experience of open, spacious, heartfelt awareness resting in the midst of a dynamic, fluid field of physical, intelligent energy.

Your body feels strong yet spacious, your mind calm, clear and alert, your energy powerful, peaceful and open hearted. You will leave the session with a smile on your face, happier than when you first rolled out your mat.

In this approach the core of the body is the axis of awareness. All the positions, movements, alignments, strengthening and releasing practices originate in the low pressure, open awareness of inner, root intelligence.

Learn to relax, listen to your body, and trust your core
and your physical practices become stronger and more creative.

Develop confidence and heart in your practice
And intuitive ways of knowing move through you.

Balance stability with fluid mobility
And release rigid, habitual patterns.

Integrate strength with vulnerability
And a powerful beauty flows through you.

Bring inner stillness into your activities
And you enter dynamic, spacious, open awareness.

Bring meditative awareness to each moment of practice
And your mind calms down as your emotions pacify.

Enjoy the benefits of a firmly grounded, warm hearted, uplifting, wise and spacious way of life. Share your inner world with the world around you and spontaneously bring joy, delight and a smile to all those you meet.