• Intuitive Spacious Strength

    Inner Sky Yoga. Like the calm eye of the hurricane, the still center of this precise, intuitive bodymind methodology is an experience of open, spacious, heartfelt awareness resting in the midst of a dynamic, fluid field of physical, intelligent energy.

  • Warm Hearted Wisdom

    East Meets East. Many of us have experienced yoga as an extraordinary practice for awakening physical strength, balance and flexibility. We also enjoy the peaceful, calming side effects and radiant energy.  By integrating Buddhist meditation and mental training with the physical, energetic and awareness practices of Yoga, we can more consistently cultivate a flexible, steady mind, calm emotions, grounded wisdom, vibrant health and strength of heart.

  • A Wellness Way of Life

    Self-Reliant, Radiant Health. For over 5,000 years Yoga has empowered practitioners to enjoy a balanced, energetic life. As an uninterrupted tradition, it has outlived most civilizations for one simple reason – it works.
    Yoga understands health as the harmonious expression of all parts of our life – body, mind and spirit. If you want to fulfill your potential for health and wellness, Yoga can help manifest that - but it's all in your hands, it's really up to you.